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Habeeb Ali

Retail Investment Specialist

Investing advice tailored to help meet your needs

I will work with you one-on-one to prepare a personal investment strategy to help you reach your goals. I will take time to get to know you, so you can feel confident you're getting sound advice tailored to help meet your needs. It all starts with a conversation.


Arabic, Hindi

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Federal Budget 2023: What you need to know

Ottawa released its 2023 federal budget aimed at building on Canada's green energy transition while addressing cost-of-living concerns. Greg Bonnell speaks with Derek Burleton, Deputy Chief Economist at TD, about the government's effort to balance spending demand with fiscal restraint.

TD Economics

The analysis covers the globe, with emphasis on Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia

Medical professionals: What new capital gains rules mean for you

Proposed changes to the capital gains inclusion rate in the latest federal budget are creating some concern for medical professionals. How could the changes impact your retirement strategy, particularly if you have investments inside your corporation? Nicole Ewing, Director, Tax and Estate Planning, TD Wealth, joins Kim Parlee to discuss.

Monthly Perspectives: The Perfect Gift

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Michael Craig on key investing themes to watch in 2024

As inflation trends lower, financial markets are betting that interest rate cuts may not be far behind. Michael Craig, Head of Asset Allocation at TD Asset Management, discusses the outlook for rates and markets in the year ahead with MoneyTalk’s Greg Bonnell.
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